Railroad Boosters Vintage Film Footage

Check out this amazing footage from Railroad Boosters events, including a trip through the Eastern Division.

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  • Al Donnelly

    Nice..I’ll take 1 print of each frame in 8×10 glossy. Please forward by Railway Express Agency.

  • G. Hunter

    Is it possible that someone out there would like to provide a narrative of this film based on the minute counter.
    I feel that there are some who have the experience and expertise to really make it come alive.
    How about it Messrs. Cantos or Donnelly?

  • G. Hunter

    Would someone please narrate the video footage based on the counter for those of us too young to know the landmarks in the film? I am trying to compile something, but I feel there are real authorities that could do this from memory out there. How about it Mr. Cantos or Donnelly or?

  • Al Donnelly

    Not really qualified for that myself. It would be nice to have someone get a frame by frame look and write up a transcript of the elements. (Notice the cars place this film way into the past.) It’s too bad there’s less national incentive to place resources available for analyzing film footage and photos then fuguring out how to create a false economy of paper widgets (less a balloon full of hot air and more like a zeppelin full of hydrogen tanks catching fire)!! Let’s hope they don’t lose the images to the conflagration.

  • G. Hunter

    Here is my best shot, all captions taken from the excellent book “Lines of the Pacific Electric” by Ira Swett.
    Part one: Beginning at 00:00:00- The elevated platform at the rear of the P.E. building at Sixth and Main ST.
    00:00:36= Macy Street Carhouse and State Street yard, site of the present day MTA DIV.10 bus yard and shops.
    00:00:42= The General Hospital in the background.
    00:01:46= The La Quinta Bridge over the Santa Ana River. Page 31 of the “Eastern District” Chapter.
    00:03:45= Crossing the A.T.S.F. railway between Pepper St. And Bench St. East of San Bernardino.
    00:04:53= Heading north up Mountain View Street, downtown San Bernardino.
    00:05:08= Up to the Arrowhead water springs and loading point.
    00:05:55= Birney car 103 at the A.T.S.F. station on Pacific Avenue. Patton Junction, Highland CA.
    This car is photographed standing on this spot on Page 29 of the “Eastern District.”

  • G. Hunter

    Part two: The Northern District. 00:06:25:00= Macy Carhouse at Echandia Junction (MTA DIV 10 ).
    00:06:43:04- 00:06:49:10= Macy Back Shop (Heavy repair) with South Pasadena line curving behind it.
    00:07:27:05= The Lord Street Bridge (extreme right).
    00:07:41:04= El Sereno and the “4 Track System” facing West toward the Minto Court stop.
    00:07:45:15= Crossing Eastern Avenue heading East toward Alhambra and Sierra Vista on the “4 Track System”.
    One can almost hear the air horns blow for the crossing.
    00:08:13;02= These Apartments still stand and are easily found on Google Earth!
    00:08:17:02= Oneonta Park passenger station and interlocking tower (South Pasadena),
    Huntington Drive and Fair Oaks Ave. Junction for the Pasadena Short Line. Inbound Red Car passes the South side of station, then Fremont Ave.
    00:09:09:00= Looking North up Fair Oaks Avenue toward Pasadena/Altadena. The San Gabriel Mountains are barely discernable in the haze.
    00:09:24:06= This signal bridge was located just East of Oneonta Park Junction on Huntington Drive in South Pasadena.

  • Al Donnelly

    History of Pacific Railroad Society which began with the “Railroad Boosters” in the ’30’s: http://www.pacificrailroadsociety.org/PRS_History.html

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