Pacific Electric 332 in “Comrade X” (1940)

Long before “In Like Flint” and “Austin Powers,” there was “Comrade X,” a 1940 spy comedy starring Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr. Per our regular contributor Bob Davis:

One PE-related movie that is available is “Comrade X” starring Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr. The glamorous Ms. Lamarr plays a Moscow tramcar driver and PE 332 plays a Russian streetcar.

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  • Bob Davis

    Thank for posting this clip–I saw the movie many years ago on a late-night TV presentation, and recognized the car, which for many years was stored at OETM/OERM with the added “bumpers”. It was one of three PE Birneys bought by MGM in 1940. OERM also has 331, but 337, the car in “Singin’ in the Rain” was cut into sections for interior shots and did not last into the 1960’s. 332 was leased to the Old Pueblo Trolley in Tucson about 20 years ago, and is still in the cream-and-green Tucson paint job. I tell visitors that it’s “in makeup” from an early “role” to put it in show-biz terms.

  • Bob Davis

    It’s now unavailable because Warner Bros. has blocked it. The film was made by MGM, but maybe Warner bought the rights to it.

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