LATL PCC in “Possessed” (1947)

A Los Angeles Transit Lines PCC car stars in this short clip from 1947’s “Possessed” starring Joan Crawford. Uncovered by transit fan David Thompson – thanks!

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  • Ralph Cantos

    typical LATL operator, always willing to help a lady in distress

  • Bob Davis

    The subtitles appear to be in Portuguese, indicating that this was probably an export film for Brazilian cinemas. I think “bondes” is a colloquial term for streetcars in some countries, probably referring to the financing used to build the tramways or buy the cars.

  • Bob Davis

    A check of Internet Movie Database shows “Possessed” starring Joan Crawford and set in LA, with a release date of 1947.

  • David Thompson

    Title should read “Possessed” not “Obsessed”.

    – thanks, David! – ed.

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