“Girl Shy” (1924) with Harold Lloyd

Silent cinema legend Harold Lloyd commandeers a 200-class Pacific Electric streetcar (possibly 211?) and takes it through a variety of locations on the Western-Franklin Line in Hollywood in this sequence from 1924’s “Girl Shy.” Check out the comments on the YouTube page, as well, by clicking here.

From Ralph Cantos: The 200-class cars (200-299) were built between 1903 and 1909. They were used system-wide until the Hollywood cars came along in 1923, at which time the PE started selling them off, some to the movie studios. The last and best of the lot were retired in 1933.

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  • Andy Chier

    Here’s a great webpage that details how and where the stunt was performed. As it turns out, it was primarily filmed on the PE Western and Franklin line, and even passes the site of the current Capitol Records building.

    • Pacific Electric

      Thanks, Andy! – Ed.

  • George Cox

    In Harold Lloyd’s 1930 “Feet First” there is a view of an LARY H-3 “Green Car.”

  • Al Donelly

    Soon after the last streetcars were pulled, we moved up from the old Colgrove area to Van Ness near Franklin. With hills, stairwells, rooftops,sewers, ruins and construction sites we tried to find new ways to break our necks daily. The older generations would rant about this Harold Lloyd guy, but they never mentioned he actually made a living doing the kind of stuff that just got us in trouble. And to have all those local railroads assisting him! “How sweet it is!”.

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