“Down Three Dark Streets” (1954)

Broderick Crawford stars in this 1954 noir “Down Three Dark Streets,” which includes action at Subway Terminal Building and Pacific Electric PCCs, including no. 5001.

From transit historian Ralph Cantos, who discovered the film on YouTube:

Pick up the action at 43:00 minutes. FBI agents follow female suspect on Hollywood Freeway to LA Civic Center, at Hill St. Both cars enter Pershing Square Garage. Woman goes up the Hill St escalator. Next seen, she is walking on Hill St. (Aactually it’s Main St. – listen for LATL streetcar bells, and reflection of LATL Trolley bus in storefront windows.) Next seen, she enters SUBWAY TERMINAL BUILDING on Hill St. (notice MCL buses on street) and goes down ramp to boarding tracks. She goes aboard PE PCC at front door (number not visible), walks down the aisle, leaves car via center door, crosses the tracks and boards PE PCC #5001. Doors close, stop lights go out and you hear 2 toots of a Hollywood car whistle. (Actually, the PE PCCs had WESTINGHOUSE air horns that had a high pitched honk, rather the a toot as heard.) Action moves to Toluca Yard / Glendale Blvd. A few more beautiful shots of the PCC along Glendale Blvd. Ends at the Monte Sano stop. The condition of the PCCs are beautiful, they were not ready for retirement.

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