Rail Artifacts from the Gordon Bachlund Collection

The Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society is extremely gratified by the gifting of key rail artifacts from the Gordon Bachlund Collection.

These items will be part of the on-display collection at our museum when it open to the public in the future.

Artifacts Gifted by Gordon Bachlund, Photos by Steve Crise

Note: the lead image above shows a Pacific Electric headlight from an unknown series; according to PE historian Ralph Cantos, the headlight was from a 400-class “Blimp.” Ralph cites this page – click here – as evidence of the larger-dimension headlamps used on the 300-series cars. In addition, Ralph notes that he never saw headlights used interchangeably between 300- and 400-series cars. This would then make the Gordon Bachlund headlight from a 400-class Blimp, as noted by Ralph. – Ed.

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  • Ralph Cantos

    this headlight is off a 400 class blimp. The headlights on the 300’s were a bit larger.

    • Pacific Electric

      Thank you, Ralph!

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