Sierra Madre Shuttle

Former Pacific Electric and Southern Pacific Railroad employee Harold Stewart captured this image of Pacific Electric no. 113 heading into Pasadena from Sierra Madre on October 1, 1940. The banner on the side advertises the Flower Show in Pasadena and the river-rock constructed home in the background still survives today at the northeast corner of Del Rey and Sierra Madre Boulevard, in the old East Pasadena neighborhood of Lamanda Park.

Harold Stewart Photo, Craig Rasmussen Collection

And today…

Michael Patris Collection

Michael Patris Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    Please correct the caption to reflect the fact that the PE 100-114 class cars were not Birneys. In Interurbans Special 28, Ira Swett made it very clear that they were two or three steps above “double truck Birneys” in construction quality and in electrical equipment.

    • Pacific Electric

      – Done, thanks, Bob! – ed.

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Craig Rasmussen Collection