Echo Mountain by Detroit Publishing (1899)

Michael Patris Collection

Michael Patris Collection

Echo Mountain as viewed from the Castle Canyon Trail in 1899, captured by Detroit Publishing photographer William Henry Jackson. This hand tinted image was taken just before the famed Echo Mountain House hotel burned to the ground in January 1900. From the left, the Chalet, the smaller of the two hotels, is seen by the grand Echo Mountain House. Just behind Echo Mountain House, out of sight, is the winding station at the top of the incline. Next is the barely perceptible roof of the zoo, or menagerie as they once called it, where local animals were kept for the public to view. Included in the zoo were civit cats, foxes, eagles, raccoon, coyote, snakes and even bear at times in a special pit enclosure. Next is the dance hall, the maintenance and repair shop, and finally the Mount Lowe Observatory on the right. This unmounted souvenir print is 9″ by 7″ and became a postcard image for sale to tourists.

Michael Patris Collection

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Contemporary photo by Steve Crise. Compositing by Jim Bunte. Mount Lowe Preservation Society Collection