Aliso Street

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Looking east along Aliso Street where today the 101 Hollywood Freeway has completely obliterated this location to the point that the only similarities that may be found with today’s view is the wall on the left that remains part of Union Station. Recently an overpass was constructed near this very site to carry Gold Line trains to East Los Angeles extension. The late, lamented Brew 102 (Maier Brewing Company) looms in the background.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • derek

    you mentioned the retaining wall for union station along aliso street being all thats left in this photo. however, when the 10 freeway HOV lanes were extended west in the 1980s(?), in order to make enough room, the platforms and track stubs at the station were pushed north several dozen feet, and a new wall built.

    this means the wall we see in this photo, and the famous photo thats posted at Philippes of a santa fe train that ran past the end and was halfway hanging off, is gone.

    if you go to and view union station, use the swipe compare tool for years 1972 and 2005 and you can see how a little bit of track was removed for the new lanes.

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