750 at Eastern Avenue

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Pacific Electric car no. 750 rolls southbound on Four Tracks at Eastern Avenue in this image dated September 1, 1951.

Alan Weeks Photo
Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Peter Potts

    Great shot of P & E, towards the end of its time. El Sereno still seems to be missing something, even after all the years that have passed

  • Paul Kakazu

    This is actually three blocks east of Eastern, at Huntington & Pueblo Avenue. The sign on the post to the right says Pueblo.

  • Bob Davis

    People who wonder why today’s light-rail systems cost so much should note the grade-crossing protection: a pair of simple, rugged wig-wags, controlled by overhead contacts and a few relays. Compare that with the quad gates controlled by elaborate electronic units nowadays. And PE 750 had a conductor who took care of fare transactions–no highly sophisticated ticket vending machines required. Furthermore, he even made change if you didn’t have the correct coins.

  • George Laun

    The elaborate gates are an attempt to defeat “Natural Selection”.

  • Manuel ortega

    The railing on the left to go into the underground walk way

  • Al Donnelly

    Interesting point about that pedestrian undercrossing. From what I’m finding, the cities seem to be credited with building these (often near elementary schools) tunnels. I recall one under Hollywood Blvd. in the area near Grant Elementary. Didn’t some of these have bathrooms? What did PE or LA Ry have to do with these being built (they seem to co-incide with old lines). There may have been one along Brand Blvd. in Glendale with bathroom facilities. Was this an aid for passengers or motor crews?

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