5050s and the Last Days of the Northern District

Ralph Cantos Collection

Ralph Cantos Collection

It’s the last days of the Northern District and Pacific Electric 5050-series cars handle all the duties in this undated shot.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    These cars may be Sierra Vista locals, because they’re operating on the outside tracks. Pasadena Short Line and Monrovia-Glendora cars were probably still using the inside tracks.


    Suprising information Bob. I could only wonder what the system was like, but describing it and viewing it makes it easier to understand. What a Great Time this must have been, look at the Beauty of the Hills that still remian nearly the same. How amazing it is to see the community of Rose Hills in an era almost forgotten….

  • Peter Potts

    Having grown up in this area, on Topaz to be exact, it is a delight to see old photos like this one. How some things change while others remain the same. This photo is great because it shows the border-line of two great and historic communities of L.A. (Lincoln Heights and El Sereno) as well as the historic P & E Pasadena Short Line. In this photo we can see Lincoln Heights in the back ground (the hill is known as Rose Hill, part of Lincoln Heights) and El Sereno (the tracks and Soto St., running parallel to the tracks, are within the community of El Sereno). The real treat is having the P & E cars and tracks in the picture. Photos like this one are hard to find.

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