1465 Near Sierra Vista

Charles D. Savage Photo, Donald Duke Collection

Charles D. Savage Photo, Donald Duke Collection

Pacific Electric box motor no. 1465 and its crew member pause for this photograph taken April 6, 1945, near Sierra Vista Station in Alhambra.

Charles D. Savage Photo
Donald Duke Collection

Image used in 1958 PE book, page 61. Caption: Sixty three feet of box motor glides into Sierra Vista on the Northern District. Two such cars were hand-me-downs from SP Bay Area operations.

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  • Bob Davis

    The body of this car outlasted the PE by many years–I have photos of it as a utility building in the SP yard at Bakersfield in 1971. This car and its mate, 1466 would go by my home in Monrovia around 3:30 pm every weekday. There was a bad spot in the trolley wire just west of 5th Ave.; cars with trolley wheels (instead of shoes) would hit this spot and draw a big arc–Zark!

  • Matthew Reiser

    Apparently taken from:

    5703 Huntington Drive North,
    Alhambra, CA

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