1451 in Pasadena

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Collection

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Collection

Pacific Electric box motor no. 1451 pauses in front of the Southern Pacific Freight Station in Pasadena in this undated image from the Northern District.
Mount Lowe Preservation Society Collection

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  • Steven Purvis

    Just when I thought I was figuring things out… I see THIS picture…

    I THOUGHT the 1450 series box motors were all the same…(I know 1450 was converted into a wrecker so really 1451 series)… but I see in this picture that 1451 has long grab irons on BOTH sides of the cargo doors and long iron steps under each door. All the photos I have seen of the sisters, show only one long grab iron (inside edges) with a short stirrup under that same edge.
    In Pacific Electric Railway Vol II there is a picture of 1451 dated 1942 (pg84) It shows only the one long grab iron and the small stirrup. Any idea when and why they were changed. In the same book, pervious page it shows an as delivered picture of sister 1450, with the single long grab irons and small stirrup. So it might appear as if 1451 was delivered with a pair of grabs and long steps, then sometime before 1942 was modified to be like her sisters.
    Any comments by someone who knows much more then me???

  • Bob Davis

    Another interesting feature is that the trolley poles appear to be the “shoe” or “slider” type. My memories of box motors on the Monrovia line recall that they had wheel-type poles.
    Also: The electrified track on Arroyo Parkway (a.k.a. Broadway) in Pasadena once had passenger service–it went up to the rear of the SP Pasadena passenger depot on Colorado and had a car making connections to the SP main line in Alhambra.

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