1208 at the Ramona Convent in Alhambra

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Archives, Jack Whitmeyer Collection

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Archives, Jack Whitmeyer Collection

Pacific Electric no. 1208 pauses at the Ramona Convent stop in western Alhambra on a morning run to El Monte in this undated, unattributed photo.

Ramona Convent Secondary School was established in 1889 as a private Catholic college prep school and is still around today; existing from before and after the running of the Pacific Electric Railway. One noted alumna was aviatrix Florence “Pancho” Barnes, daughter of Thaddeus Lowe, Jr., construction manager for the Mount Lowe Railway and granddaughter of Thaddeus S. C. Lowe.

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Archives, Jack Whitmeyer Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    It would have to be before 1942 when most of the San Bernardino Twelves lost their rest rooms; the Eclipse fender is another sign of a prewar photo. The trolley poles have shoes, which PE adopted in the mid-1930s. The grade crossing would probably be Marguerite, and the site would now be in the middle of the San Bernardino Freeway. The PE Alhambra Team Track would probably be to the left of this scene.

  • David Coscia

    Pancho Barnes was a female, not a male, and is therefore the daughter of Thadeus Lowe, Jr. Please fix.

    – Fixed, and thanks, David! – Ed.

  • Al Donnelly

    Most of the convent school traffic must have come from the big city…inbound gets a shelter, outbound gets a bench.

  • Steve Donaldson

    OC rail enthusiast and historian looking for photo of biz car Pelligrino(first PE car to Santa Ana–any help appreciated TIA

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