1004 to Alhambra-San Gabriel

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Pacific Electric no. 1004 speeds toward Alhambra and San Gabriel through a grade cut in this action shot.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Paul Kakazu

    Despite the destination sign, this car is really inbound approaching Multnomah Street and the south end of the four tracks. That’s Soto Street along the hillside.


      Great observation. I notice the indicator of Soto Street in the background as well. This photo is in the Rose Hills Community…

      • Peter Potts

        Sorry to break it to you Mr. Manzano, but the community of Rose Hills is in Whittier. It’s also known as Spy Glass Hill and it is wholly surrounded by Rose Hills Memorial Park. The community of El Sereno is where this was taken, along side Soto St. El Sereno has been an official community of Los Angeles since 1915. But El Sereno’s history goes back to 1771, when the San Gabriel Mission was established. You might want to visit ElSereno90032.org, a great website with lots of historical information about El Sereno. Hope this helps.

        • Anthony Manzano

          The truth has been revealed, substantiated in Court, honored by the City, and accepted by the Neighbors. Rose Hills has secured its location im 90032.
          It sure has been a pleasure sharing archives that indicate where Rose Hills is…… Have you heard of the “Rose Hill Climb”??

  • Bob Davis

    As I recall, there was a period when PC cars would have the route or outer terminal showing on both ends. That way, when the car was in the 6th & Main terminal, prospective passengers could look at the rear of the car as it awaited departure and determine where it was going. Apparently, it was assumed that a car heading westward would be going to Los Angeles. The Alhambra-San Gabriel line was abandoned in 1941. 1004 lasted until 1946; the body was kept at Macy St. Yd. until it was scrapped in 1958. PE 1001 is the only surviving example of this class–it is preserved in running condition at Orange Empire, and usually runs on PE Weekend in June.

  • Everett Neal

    This is a stunning photo of #1004, a PE “Ten” coach.

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