Monrovia-Glendora Line

Prepared by Eriks Garsvo

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  • Bob Davis

    Monrovia-Glendale Line? I think we’re talking about the Monrovia-Glendora Line. To get from Monrovia to Glendale in the PE days, one would have to go to the 6th & Main station in LA, walk over to the Subway Terminal at 4th & Hill, and take a PCC to Glendale.

    • Pacific Electric

      Fixed! – Ed.

  • Bob Davis

    But now I can’t get the map to display–not that I need one, having ridden it from end to end (but not in one continuous trip)

  • Tom A.

    Great work, Eriks! However, I would like to suggest one change: In Arcadia, the ROW exactly followed the path of the current Eastbound/Northbound lanes of Huntington past Methodist Hospital and the civic center, not between the two roadways as the map currently indicates. The ROW then continued straight up what is now Santa Clara and continued northeasterly to meet up with the alignment as you have it drawn at about Rolyn.

    • Eriks Garsvo

      Thanks for the change as i am currently working with the PERHS and will be getting more detailed maps on here in the coming year. As i have done all this on a very large map over layed on top of google earth and using photos and the map i was able to trace all the lines out. I live up in Idaho and will be going down this summer to LA to work them and actual close up maps to get better alinement.

  • mark Hill

    I remember catching the red car on Live Oak Ave. near Mayflower Ave. in unincorporated Arcadia to visit the dentist in downtown LA. (I was 6). Was that a stop on the Monrovia-Glendora line or is my memory wrong?

    • Charles Wherry

      The Monrovia-Glendora rail line didn’t serve Live Oak Ave and Mayflower but Metropolitan Coach lines did. I believe Mayflower was the turnaround point for the 52 line which went through Sierra Vista, Alhambra, San Gabriel and Temple City before venturing on to Mayflower via Live Oak.

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