1947 Pacific Electric System Map

Pacific Electric System Map, dated August 1947, showing remaining rail service plus newly instituted bus service throughout the Southern California region.

Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Rick Bell

    I am trying to locate any photos of the PE when it operated on York Blvd in the Highland Park area. When I lived there in the early 1950’s, the line ended at an intersection on York Blvd near the location of an old Safeway store. I used to ride the line from that dead-end a few blocks to my elementary school. When did the line get cut back to this point? I moved from there in 1954. Thank you.

  • Bob Davis

    As far as I know, PE never ran on York Blvd. The LARy “W” line served that area. The closest PE ever came was the original line to Pasadena, which ran along Figueroa St. and crossed the Santa Fe and Union Pacific tracks near the west end of the Santa Fe bridge now used by the Gold Line. The PE line was abandoned in 1935.

    • Paul

      Actually, it did run on York Blvd., and I believe it was dismissed by National City Lines only in 1950 (either in 1950 or in 1951).

  • jorge vazquez

    i like listening about the old days.im only 25 years old.i live in stanton ca abd i was walking by cerritos street and beach blvd.and apparently it used to come by here.i love all of this historic stuff
    thank you
    jorge vazquez r.

  • jorge vazquez

    next time i go by.i will take some pics.

  • Wally

    PE never ran on York Bl………….as mentioned it crossed the At&SF and turned on what is now Marmion Way then Roble and at the now Judson Art Studios crossed the Arroyo……….you can still remnants of the bridge piers

  • Chris george

    I’ve seen multiple maps that show the railroad talking different routes from Huntington beach to Santa ana. Which one is right?

    • David+Moser

      If you get on the EHRA of SC website, look under the Southern Lines, and all your questions will be answered

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