1911 Pacific Electric System Map with Train Movement Annotations

From the SC[HRA-SC / Ray Younghans Collection at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris comes this fascinating 1911 Pacific Electric System Map with detailed train movement annotations by line segment. The presumption is that this map may have been prepared for a study or report, though this is not confirmed at this time. We thank John Smatlak and the Orange Empire Railway Museum for allowing us to share this wonderful artifact.

SC-ERHA / Ray Younghans Collection at Orange Empire Railway Museum

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  • Al Donnelly

    On the Redondo via Del Rey line (between Ivy Jct. & Playa Del Rey), there is a loop also shown in Special 16 Western District @ Motordrome. What was the reason for this (shown less complex here) entire arrangement of cross-overs and switches in the wetlands? Was it related to oil rig services?

  • Al Donnelly

    This gives most of the explanation: https://socalarchhistory.blogspot.com/2011/03/first-board-track-opened-at-los-angeles.html

    What is the structure within the LAP/PERY loop as shown in the postcard? Was it built? Why do the original plans seem to differ?

    Was the 1910 storm that hit the Motordrome project the same one that may have ended the Del Rey Pavillion operation, or did that occur after the Great Merger of 1911 when PE took over Balloon Route excursions?

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