Southern Pacific 4614 on Sierra Way

A portion of the Highland – Patton line remained in service during the 1960s.

The line operated over private right-of-way between Rialto Avenue and Sierra Way. The right-of-way cut diagonally across the blocks.

Upon reaching Sierra Way, the line went north in the center of the street. Here, the 4614 has picked up some boxcars at the team track and is proceeding south on Sierra Way.

Robert Gaddie Photo, Robert Gaddie Collection

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  • Gary Hunter

    This photo appears to be related to one of 4614 on Rialto ave as the loco and consist appear identical. This may be one of the last operations on this segment. I have seen a photo taken of the Rialto ave switch behind the loco with the rails cut going to E.Highland dated 1966. There was a lumber yard at 6th and Waterman beyond the team track. This may actually have been a cleanout run. Summer 1966 is when the PE started running around their trains at Rialto (lumber yd) as construction of the Palmdale Cutoff had severed the main east of Meridian ave.

  • Al Donnelly

    I’m so glad this photo exists. This is basically what I call “Ground Zero”. Even though some small segments had already been shut down (in the LA basin), here was pretty much the true extent of the wonderful Pacific Electric when the retrenchment began in the mid-20’s (interrupted only by WWII). Forget Detroit, this is where the automobile began to take over. Better roads into LA gave locals cause to buy mechanico-contraptions and walk away from mass transit. And while drive-in (& park) restaurants co-existed alongside the PE system, it was in this area where the Brothers McDonald would find a willing clientel for their “no more carhops”, just buzz-in faster than a speeding locomotive lifestyle. In, addition, what better way to promote the auto kulture than race cars. Not far from here, an early track south of Riverside. A famous driver who started racing around the orange groves north of that city and south of the Colton area. And finally, Swede Savage, the local boy who made it big before his unfortunate end. If anyone asks you where our national mess began, go ahead and show them this photo. This is where the bomb fell. [Just over a decade after this shot, I moved to Riverside and there were tumbleweeds blowing down Victoria Avenue…the wild west was still alive. And everyday you could see the smog bank over the City of Angels toward the setting sun.]

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