PE 1216 – Possible Fan Trip?

Pacific Electric no. 1216.

Image Notes from Steve: Although an undated and unknown location, research suggests that this could be Railroad Boosters fan trip #39, “Orange Empire Trolley Trip” that visited San Bernardino, Redlands, Arrowhead Springs and Riverside on July 15th, 1941. The question remains which of those locations are featured in this image? Business that appear in the background are W.R Cullen Pet Shop, Juaerz Sasteria, and a Rialto Theater. I’m betting its San Bernardino, but do not know the street location.

Unknown Photographer, Steve Crise Collection

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  • Terry Salmans

    I also think that this is San Bernardino. D St. just North of Court. That little round sign on the sidewalk to the left of the twelves reads Cullen’s Shoe Shop. I Googled W. R. Cullen Shoes. There was once a shoe store by that name at 361 D San Bernardino.

  • Terry Hamilton

    How about the city of Rialto?

  • Bob Davis

    “Rialto” was a common name for movie theaters–there’s an out of service “Rialto” theater in South Pasadena where once the Pasadena Short Line ran.

  • Clifford Prather

    The Rialto Theater in San Bernardino was located on Third St. between Arrowhead ( C St.) and D St.

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Unknown Photographer, Steve Crise CollectionUnknown Photographer, Steve Crise Collection