1240 and 1245 at Ganesha Junction in Pomona

Photo attributed to L. T. Gotchy, Jack Finn Collection

Photo attributed to L. T. Gotchy, Jack Finn Collection

Pacific Electric car no. 1245 heads up a Special four-car consist as it meets up with a Special two-car consist lead by no. 1240 at Ganesha Junction in Pomona on Sunday, October 1, 1950.

Photo attributed to L. T. Gotchy, Jack Finn Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    Note that all trolley poles are down (and we would hope the hand brakes are set and/or the wheels are blocked). Since scheduled passenger service east of Baldwin Park ended in 1947, the most likely reason for cars at this location would be the LA County Fair. An interesting bit of “tram spotting”–although this is on a branch off the San Bernardino Line, both lead cars are Long Beach 1200s, and the 2nd car in the 2-car train is Portland Twelve 1260. A check of the map shows Ganesha Jct. to be south of the fairgrounds. The fact that the cars are tied down, and the County Fair may not have run as late in the year as Oct. 1, points to an overnight or weekend event, such as a Boy Scout gathering.

  • Tom A.

    Would this be present-day White Avenue, looking east-southeast toward Berkeley Avenue?

    • Kenneth Soper

      In 1950 the L.A. County Fair ran from Friday Sept. 15 to Sunday Oct. 1.

  • Tom Garcia

    To answer Tom’s question…YES. The rails are obviously not there anymore. In their place is a large apartment complex build with the address of 1675 Berkeley. Look at an overhead view and you will see the complex and alleyway bend to the wye. Enjoy


  • M.C. Reher

    Dear Mr. Garcia:
    I came upon this photo of Ganesha Junction
    purely by chance, but seeing it for the first time lit a rag under me, and I’ll tell you why:
    1. I was born and raised in Pomona.
    I lived in Pomona for 18 years, prior
    to moving to Missouri.
    2. I attended Ganesha High School when I
    was a teen.
    And because I went there is why I became intrigued with the picture. At first I thought it was located somewhere on the far west end of Pomona, since the photo seemed to indicate a period before
    the 1950’s I figured it was taken approximately where the Corona Expressway is today, since that wasn’t built until
    the late 50’s early 60’s…when all that
    was being developed, due to the construction of the old General Dynamics naval weapons plant.

    Then I came upon this website and I read your comments. Knowing something about the history of Pomona myself, I’m curious as to how you arrived at your conclusion?
    You see, the reason I ask is because even
    in the 1940’s and 1950’s, White Ave- at least every part of it above Mission Blvd-
    was fairly well developed.
    There were houses and businesses on White Ave, especially near Holt Ave. Along that
    stretch of White Ave between Orange Grove and Alvarado, there is a church that’s been there over 100 years, along with a few houses on Alvarado between White and Park Ave that were built in the early 1900s.
    If you can tell me more about the picture
    that would be appreciated.

    • Doug

      Tom’s correct. The spur was located exactly where that apartment building sits now. I also came across this photo by accident and because I hadn’t seen it before I needed to know where exactly this was. You can verify this by going to http://www.historicaerials.com and selecting the 1948 date.

  • Barry George

    For Alan Weeks

    Alan, I have just reread your Remembrances of the PER. I read that you spent a fair amount of your working life as a Schedule Maker with the RTD. I was also a schedule maker with the streetcars here in Melbourne, Australia, (40 years. I spent my first three years 1968 -1971 as a motorman (driver Here). I took early retirement in 1997 and ended up working for my last 11 years with Transportation Management and Design (TMD) in Carlsbad, north of San Diego. Most of my work was done from home, but I managed 4 or 5 trips to the States each year ding scheduling for numerous bus operators in Anaheim, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, (Rapid Bus) Oakland, and Chicago, plus Charlotte NC.

    I would like to hear from you about your scheduling experiences.

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