Dragon No. 65 at 6th and Olive

Ralph Cantos Collection

Ralph Cantos Collection

From Ralph Cantos, a Dragon Car (no. 65) at 6th and Olive Streets in downtown Los Angeles, circa early 1930s.

Says Ralph:

Another great Downtown LA post card.. This is VERY RARE . That is Dragon #65, these cars were used on the Edendale – Central Station line for only about 3 years, 1931 / 1934 before they were retired…

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Dennis Supanich

    Nice. You can see the wonderful old Atlantic Richfield building at 6th and Flower in the top middle of the pic, slightly obscured by the streetlight, which by the way is still there. Today: http://goo.gl/maps/iTjSg

  • Bob Davis

    According to Interurbans Special 28, PE started out with 20 “dragons”, and then acquired 5 from San Jose and 6 from Stockton. Like other cars with similar configurations, “dragons” were difficult, if not impossible to modify for one-man operation. With only two motors, they were probably rather underpowered. None of the PE “dragons” survived, but the hulk of a Fresno car of this type is preserved at OERM, and there may still be a diner in Fresno containing another body.

    • Andrew Novak

      The one in Fresno is still there as of October 2013 although the diner has had a fire and is closed.

  • Al Donnelly

    In the 1965 compilation of his amateur film making “Hollywood, My Hometown”, Ken Murray may have captured a Dragon in action as it passed by. Anyone seen this?

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