1406 and 1447 in Action


Pacific Electric Railway Post Office no. 1406 and Box Motor no. 1447 operate as Train #502 on April 30, 1949, in this unmarked location.

Robert T. McVay Photo

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  • Heather Garcia

    I was wondering what other pictures of the Pacific Electric RPO 1406, your society might have. If any can you email them to the above email; I’m making a 1406 PE-RPO/”wrecker” 008 collage.

    It will not be sold, or reprinted. Its a personal project to hang inside the 1406.

  • Bob Davis

    Since it’s a double track location, it might be heading eastbound toward El Monte, coming out of the hills near the present site of Cal State LA.

  • Kyle Keltner

    They really should rebuild and reopen the whole pacific electric system, ’cause in southern California especially los Angeles.
    the freeways are always backed up and pollution is really bad because of the car and bus exhaust. someone should really start a petition to rebuild the whole system. think about it not only would it reduce pollution and freeway traffic but would also create thousands of new jobs in the southern half of the state and would bring more tourists. As Eddie valiant from who framed Roger Rabbit once said “who needs a car in LA, we’ve got the best transit system in the world.

  • Bob Davis

    One could write quite an extensive essay on the “Decline and Fall of the Pacific Electric Railway”, going all the way back to 1923 and the purchase of White motor buses to replace some of the weaker streetcar lines in Pasadena. This was before the Subway Terminal opened and before the San Gabriel Line was extended to Temple City, so there was no time when all the PE lines were running at once.

  • Norman Suydam

    This is the San Bernardino RPO train. Typically an RPO that has MU capabilities will connect with a Box Motor (MU capable also) at LAUPT and run to San Dimas junction where the box Motor would go by itself into San Dimas proper while the RPO continued to San Bernardino. The return trip would do the same in reverse. Notice the small black dot over the headlight which is the MU receptacle.

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