Glendale & Montrose No. 10 at Forest Lawn in Glendale, circa 1924

Glendale & Montrose no. 10, seen on the left, is making a passenger stop at the entrance of Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Glendale, California. The exact date is of this photograph is not known. However, a photo made at the American Car Company of no. 10’s sister car, no. 12, that is dated December 14, 1923, suggests that this photo was made shortly after three of these double-truck Birney cars arrived on the G&M property. Number 10 is not yet sporting its once-familiar white paint job on the faces of these types of cars. This fact suggests that no. 10 is very close to being brand new.

When passenger service ended in 1930 on the G&M, these still relatively new cars sat on the dead line at Pacific Electric’s Torrance Shops until 1937, when apparently nos. 10 & 12 were given away to the San Diego Electric Railway, in which they promptly spent over $12,000.00 refurbishing both cars for service. G&M no. 11 was not so lucky and was cut up for scrap in 1937.

Cars numbered 10 and 12 were renumbered 351 and 352, respectively, and carried passengers on the Number 20 Coronado Island Line for another 10 years until June 1, 1947 when they too were finally scrapped.

Charles E. Wright photo, Mark Effle Collection

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  • dave garcia

    G&M 11 suffered an interior fire while in storage at Torrance. When the other two cars were being loaded at Torrance, San Diego Electric personnel were allowed to remove what parts they cared to take. Trucks with motors, resistor grids, air tanks, air compressor, seat frames, door operators being mentioned. Source: Mr. Mark Lothian, a long time SDE, San Diego Transit equipment maintenance employee, in a conversation circa 1975. Mr. Lothian said that he was given much of the removal work inside of the car. He said that at the end of the day he looked like an old fashioned comedian in black face.

  • Al Donnelly

    An early view of this gate area appears on this site related to the lost town of Tropico (Glendale after 1918):

  • Donald A Bilinski Jr

    Is there museum one could visit?

  • Al Donnelly

    More information on steam & electric services through Tropico and Glendale can be culled from the pamphlets found on OAC Calisphere here:
    Weston photos of this front gate are in the Glendale pamphlets.
    Warning…larger PDF files here result in ibooks dumping you near the last pages. The Glendale Library has been sent a query as to the technical problem.

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