Monograph #8: Fred Hust: Remembrances of the Pacific Electric

Fred Hust’s interest in the P. E. started when he was about three years old and continued throughout his life. Fred was fortunate enough to grow up in the area near Vineyard Junction, the busiest interurban junction of the P. E.’s Western District, at a time when the P. E. was still near its peak. He starts his colorful narrative with his childhood experiences at Vineyard and riding various P. E. lines. He goes on to describe both his adult activities as a P. E. commuter and as a rail fan from the late 1930’s to the very early 1950’s. A keen photographer from early on, his photographs provide most of the illustrations used in this monograph.  60 pages, 52 photographs, one drawing, Venice Short Line map, and index.

Oral History Series #6

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  • Mark Chenoweth

    I’m trying to find copies of these Monographs to purchase. Got any ideas for me?
    Oroville, Calif

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