Los Angeles Railway Cars in “Shopworn” (1932)

From David Thompson comes this tip on LARy cars seen in a vintage movie on YouTube:

The 1932 Barbara Stanwyck movie “Shopworn” has a couple brief scenes of LA Railway cars. At about minute 9:00 & 11:00 a “V” line car can be seen outside the door of Fred’s Campus Inn. Looks like Monroe Ave. At about minute 40:00, a “3” line sowbelly can be seen at Larchmont & Melrose (I think).

Thank you, David!

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  • Drew Ercolono

    As a long time resident of Los Angeles I love cars but I really enjoy movies about old cars and trains. It’s amazing how people raised the cash to create these amazing projects. It a shame the city got rid of the old rail lines and replaces them with freeways.

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