Submerged LATL Cars off Redondo Beach in 1958

Ralph Cantos Collection

Ralph Cantos Collection

A 1958 photo of fish swimming through submerged Los Angeles Transit Lines (ex-Los Angeles Railway) car bodies off Redondo Beach.

From Ralph Cantos:

In 1958, two years after LARY home-built K-4 1500 series treetcars were placed in the ocean waters off Redondo Beach in 1956, school children riding home aboard the cars have been replaced by schools of perch swimming happily in and out of the cars. These fish seem to be making better transfer connections then was ever offered by LATL. Unfortunately for the happy Perch, the wood bodied LARY 1500s did not hold up to well under these severe service conditions. By 1963, only one car body, possibly a steel bodied H-4 that may have accidentally gotten into the mix, was still identifiable as a former streetcar. The other car bodies had collapsed into unrecognizable heaps, except for the steel under-frame used in the construction of the 1500s.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    Reminds me of a co-worker I knew in the around 1960. He was one of the early civilian SCUBA divers, and belonged to a diving club called the “Squid Diddlers”.

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