LATL 1165 Farewell Fan Trip

By Ralph Cantos

Los Angeles Transit Lines car no. 1165 poses for the camera on this “Farewell to the 1100s” fan trip operated on November 7, 1954 on the S Line.

In less than a year, this nice car and more the 100 other LATL mint-condition cars will be sent to scrap at Terminal Island. The massive May 22, 1955 abandonment of car lines 5-7-8-9-F and the northern portion of the W line made over 100 H-4s and K-4s — along with the remaining Standards and 1100s surplus.

Cars 2602 and the 2501 also were sent to T.I. The body of 2501 was later saved and moved to OERM.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Terry Hamilton

    Thanks for the story. Glad that these memories are being preserved.

  • George Hays

    Wheres the pumping station? When I rode this section of track it was straightened out but became the bumpiest portion of the whole system! With no “speed bump” the PCC’s showed what they were capable of !

  • Ralph Cantos

    The pumping station house was at the other(east) end of the right of way.

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