Big League Bowlers

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

A billboard targeting “Big League Bowlers” looms over a Los Angeles Transit Lines (ex-Los Angeles Railway) N Line streetcar no. 1247. The N Line ran between Koreatown and South Park.
Jack Finn Collection

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  • Alan Weeks

    This car is most likely Westbound on 8th Street. The N Line ran from
    8th & Western and the Civic Center at Spring St. & Sunset. 1948 or

  • pete h

    i’ve convinced myself that the streetcar is traveling south on vermont just south of 9th st. first there are three extant landmark towers in the background that will only line up in this location. they are from the left bullocks wilshire, first unitarian church on the south side of 8th st and the first baptist church on the north side of 8th. since the churches are on opposite sides of 8th this photo can not have been taken on 8th. second at the intersection in the background the street dips, ascending in both directions. although 8th does rise and fall it never does this dramatically or at an intersection. looking closely it appears both cars in the background are turning right, this fits with the intersection of 9th and vermont, where 9th jogs to the right. although going straight on 9th the black car must turn slightly right, thus giving it the appearance of following the other car in a right turn. lastly is the building behind the cars. the building presently standing at the north-east corner on 9th and vermont is the correct dimensions and age to what we see in the photo. it has lost it’s pointy moulding(probably for seismic reasons) but retains it’s window pattern of 2 tall followed by 2 smaller windows again followed by 2 tall. the windows themselves have been changed but their original openings in the bricks remain. anyone curious should have a look at 916 s vermont on google street view. although because the google car was traveling on the east side of the street it makes the perspective a little different.

  • Ernest Pippin

    Yes indeed, it is South on Vermont and that is 9th St. in its rear-view mirror. Comment #2 is correct on the architecture…Bullocks! Note the sign on the N line car: “car house only”. He’s going down to Pico, then East to Georgia St. to the car house. CHEERS!

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