521 at Brannick Loop

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Los Angeles Transit Lines (ex-Los Angeles Railway) car no. 521 poses for the camera at the east end of the R line (Brannick Loop) during a Fan Trip.

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

From Ralph Cantos:

The #521 was one of three 500s that was saved from “The Pile” at Terminal Island. The #521 went to Seashore Trolley Museum, where she remains to this day (click here to read her biography). The #525 was purchased by the SC-ERHA and moved to Travel Town, and then, years later, moved out to OERM. Car #536 was donated to the children of Los Angeles and placed in Travel Town’s public area alongside PE #1001, which was later moved to Perris at the same time as the #525. HOWEVER, after many years of display, a rather large eucalyptus Tree near the #536 was blown over during one of LA’s many Santa Ana wind storms and fell right across the the #536, destroying the old girl . OERM was allowed to salvage the trucks and other goodies from the #536. A sad ending of a long life.

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  • Bob Davis

    I remember the 536 salvage project; between the termites and the rot caused by poorly-directed lawn sprinklers, the wooden body was just about shot anyway. Many of the parts were transported in my 1960 Ford pickup, DNRy 115.

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