Los Angeles Railway Types of Passenger Cars (1932)

LARY Types of Passenger Cars Cover, Alan Weeks Collection

LARY Types of Passenger Cars Cover, Alan Weeks Collection

Selected scans from the 1932 publication “Los Angeles Railway Types of Passenger Cars” published by LARy and used internally for identification purposes. Numerous images continue below.

Alan Weeks Collection

From Alan:

At the age of fifteen I went to LATL Div 4  At Georgia Street, where I met Jim Madigan who was Superintendent. I asked him if it was possible to get some out dated transfers for my collection. He supplied me with multiple pads. Then he took me upstairs and introduced me to George Goehler who was at that time Supt. of  Schedules and Statistics.

Through him I was sent to 1060 S. Broadway to meet Francis Ryan in the Public Relations Dept. She supplied me with old weekly passes, maps and other transit material. I later learned she was a niece of E. Roy Fitzgerald.  At the time I met her, E. Roy Fitzgerald was President of LATL. She later introduced me to Her Uncle and Minnie Kellog who was his secretary.

Minnie then introduced me to Barney Larrick who was Manager of Operations.  Next I met Sy Watts, Superintendent of Railway Equipment at South Park Shops. He gave me free run of the Shops any time I came to see him.

All this is to tell you where I got this interesting book.

On one of my trips to South Park Shops, Mr. Watts pulled the book out of his desk and said “I think this is something you would like to have”. That was an understatement. Later I met the head of the Electrical Dept. Leland Dye, and the head of the Track Dept. Tommy Thompson. All of these LATL officials were generous with their time and quite frequently took me on tours of their facilities.  These were wonderful years I will never forget. I had a great deal of respect for the excellent way in which LATL was organized and run. For many years I had an excellent chance to learn how a large Transit was run.

In 1966 I went to work for SCRTD in the Schedule Dept. at the 1060 Broadway Headquarters Bldg. Francis Ryan and Minnie Kellogg were still working there.  They were still working twenty years after I met them as a teenager. Soon after George Goehler became General Superintendent of Transportation.


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