Harold Lloyd in “For Heaven’s Sake” (1926)

Ralph Cantos uncovered this fantastic clip from Harold Lloyd’s 1926 blockbuster, “For Heaven’s Sake,” prominently featuring a Los Angeles Railway doubledecker bus and various streetcars in amazing action sequences that must be seen to be believed.

From Ralph:

Here’s a Harold Lloyd clip showing a LARY double deck bus and lots of LARY streetcars along Broadway and several shots at Broadway PLACE. In one shot on Broadway, the bus passes between a P car and an L car…unbelievable! Other shots may be along West 48th Street (9 Line). Some of the shots of the bus on very narrow streets I believe were shot in Ocean Park.

Additional comments from Ralph:

The opening seen is on Larchmont Blvd…note the center poles in the back ground and the angle parking still in use to this day.. Also at 1:56 seconds into the clip, where the bus is on a very narrow street, I think that is PIER AVE in Ocean Park.. There was a bus turntable at the end of the street , for Santa Monica buses at the Ocean Front Walk, and also notice the big hanging zeppelin ride on the old Ocean Park Pier in the distance.,. That was the same ride that was used in the LAST TV episode of the “THE FUGITIVE” where Richard Kimbell and the one armed man have the big fist fight at the top of the ride.. lieutenant Gerarde shots the one armed man and he falls of the top of the ride . Other shots of the bus on the narrow streets are in the same area.

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