Climax Scene from “Hell Bound” (1957)

Watch the climactic end sequence from “Hell Bound,” a 1957 United Artists film noir starring John Russell and June Blair. The scene was shot at National Metal & Steel on Terminal Island, notorious for the huge scrap heap of Los Angeles Transit Lines (ex-Los Angeles Railway) streetcars after decommissioning.

From Jerry’s Movie Blog:

Lurid B-thriller has John Russell planning to steal a drug shipment off a cargo ship. He needs several accomplices to pull it off, but has trouble finding trustworthy people. One is a drug addict he forces to help him through blackmail and another is a bimbo girlfriend of the man who is financing the job. It’s no surprise that things don’t go exactly as planned.

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  • Bob Davis

    Mostly LATL “H” cars, but there was a PE Hollywood car tucked under some scrap. Note also the industrial switcher–what present day railfans call a “critter”. Maybe someone will post the “Subway” scene from “While the City Sleeps”.

  • Samuel Jonis

    Has the clip been removed?

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