LARy Maintenance Car 9204

The Los Angeles Railway crew looks to be shoveling fresh ballast onto the private right-of-way at this unknown location featuring Maintenance Car no. 9204. There’s a Security Pacific Bank on the corner, and a Holz Drug across from it. Can anyone identify this location?

Steve Armitage Collection

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  • Duncan Still

    I am guessing this photo was taken just southwest of the intersection of Santa Barbara (now MLK) and Vermont. LARY ran on PROW west of Vermont until sometime in the 1940’s. I do not recall the connector track turning from south on Vermont to west on Santa Barbara that appears in this photo so my guess might be incorrect.

  • Brian Morgan

    According to my girlfriend whom is a life long Angelina. She indicated it could be of two locations. One on the PE four track main heading to Sen Pedro or Long Beach or on the San Fernado line heading to Burbank. My Girlfriend still resides in Los Angeles and as a girl she was a frequent rider on both the LARy’s and the PE system.

  • Duncan Still

    I am now convinced the location of this photo is indeed Santa Barbara & Vermont. In this LARY collection, there is a photo of cars 1408 & 1394 stopped at this intersection (one car is signed for the “9” line). The photographer’s location was from the southwest of this intersection in both photos, although the photographer is little bit further to the west in the photo of the work train. I did not recall the connector track turning right from Vermont south to Santa Barbara west but the trolley wire showing in the 1408/1394 photo clearly shows this connector indeed existed. Of course, the tracks had been paved over by the time the second photo was taken. In response to Mr. Morgan, this photo could not have been taken on Pacific Electric lines because the LARY equipment is narrow gauge whereas PE trackage was standard gauge.

  • Alan K. Weeks

    Definitely West of Vermont on Santa Barbara
    now Martin Luther King Blvd. I lived in the area as a boy.

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