Los Angeles Railway 1941 Passes

By Charles Wherry

Here are two weekly passes issued by Los Angeles Railway in 1941. The $1.25 price seems quite a bargain especially when reading the fine print which allowed two children under 12 to ride along with the bearer on Sundays and holidays which included Armistice Day, now called Veterans Day.

Charles Wherry Collection


Charles Wherry Collection


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  • Yorkman Lowe

    In the 60s I amassed a large number of RTD tickets, and transfers but discarded when I entered college in 9/68. I had no idea they’d be valuable 40 yr later.
    I also amassed a large number of RTD schedules but also discarded them when I left LA in 71/72. Again I had no idea they’d be valuable in 40 yr.

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Charles Wherry CollectionCharles Wherry Collection