LARy 1387: A Familiar Sight at 7th and Broadway

By Ralph Cantos

This beautiful photo taken around 1942 shows LARY 1387 hitting the diamond at 7th & Broadway. Like Pacific Electric Hollywood car no. 717, the 1387 always seemed to be in front of the camera. It’s too bad that it was not saved for preservation at OERM as many Los Angeles traction fans have pleasant memories riding aboard her, both on fan trips and in regular service, myself among them.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Terry Hamilton

    This must approach a record of the number of trolleys in one photo. Even the Rose Parade Specials didn’t have this many cars in one photo.

  • Ralph Cantos

    Broadway and 7th Streets belonged to the LARY and later LATL streetcars. With the change of the traffic light, one or more cars crossed 7th & Broadway all day long in one direction or the other, well into the night. Until May 22, 1955 Broadway was an ALL STREETCAR street. Not ONE bus line operated on Broadway. LA’s Broadway was the ONLY such ALL STREETCAR main Downtown boulvard in America to hold that title until the big May 1955 abandonment. I think that 7th Street was also ALL STREETCAR at least at that intersection.

  • Duncan Still

    Yes, 7th was all streetcar prior to 1955 and even so up to the 1963 abandonment (when the J, R, and S lines became bus).

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Ralph Cantos Collection