LARY 1035 on Gage Avenue

Steve Armitage Collection

Steve Armitage Collection

Los Angeles Railway Birney no. 1035 sits idle on Gage Avenue in this 1944 image. Note the “Fresh Fruit” stand that catered to on- and off-boarding passengers (“Candy & Soda” along with Philip Morris cigarettes and Coca-Cola) – built in the front yeard of the house just behind it — plus the bench advertising Eastern Columbia (“Broadway at Ninth,” “Home Furnishings, Since 1892, Smart Apparel”).

The carbody advertisement positions are occupied by World War II propaganda posters, including one reading:

Civilians —
Let’s See Everything / Do Everything
But Say Nothing

Steve Armitage Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    It’s not propaganda if our side uses it. We impart useful information–They spread nasty propaganda.
    And Eastern Columbia ads were all over the place–there was an Eastern Columbia ad bench at the PE stop at 5th Ave. in Monrovia, just on the other side of the fence from our house.

  • Al Donnelly

    Interesting that the signs carry an official LARy wing and bell logo rather than a generic issue. Have any authentic copies surfaced?

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Steve Armitage Collection