K To Vermont Avenue Only

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Los Angeles Railway K Line streetcar no. 416’s destination board reads “K to Vermont Ave ONLY.” The car may be located at 41st and Ascot.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Alan Weeks

    Most likely this K Line car is at the Terminal At 41st. & Ascot. It was
    ready to depart West on Jefferson to Vermont. Then turn South to
    Florence and Vermont. Late 1930’s or Early 1940’s

  • duncan still

    The K line was one of the more obscure lines (at least, to me) on LARY. It was a “crosstown” line, along with the V line. Neither crosstown line went into downtown LA, unlike the other LARY lines (of course, the shuttles avoided downtown also). I used to transfer at VERMONT AND JEFFERSON on my way to school and wonder why there were tracks curving between these two streets since I never saw a streetcar using this junction. I now know these were for the K car, abandoned in 1941 long before I was around.


  • John Pappas

    The dash sign probably indicates this car is pulling in to Division 5, which was, as it still is, at 54th & Second Avenue. Vermont would be the last opportunity to move down to 54th Street.

  • Bob Davis

    I’d never even heard of the LARY “K” line until I looked at a 1935-era map at OERM. I’ve seen photos of most of the LARY/LATL lines at various ERHA shows, but the comments above indicate that the “K” disappeared years before LATL took over.

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