48 and A Line Storefronts

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

A Los Angeles Railway A Line streetcar no. 48 pauses in front of a variety of storefronts at the end of the A Line (Adams and Alsace). The destination board reads “Vermont & Fountain.” The advertisement is for Muntz, who would become a major car stereo installation specialist by the 1960s.

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Jack Finn Collection

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  • duncan still

    This location is the west end of the A line, Adams and Alsace. You can tell it is the turn back point because of the single track and the safety zone on the “wrong side” of the car.

  • Mike Marincovich

    This photo is looking west on Adams Blvd at Alsace Ave as stated above. The KRESS 5-10-25 cent building is still there but now looks to be used as storage only because there is no signage for a business of any kind and bars on all the windows. The white building with the music store, Talk of Town dress shop and Karl’s is still there. Where the music store was is now vacant today, the dress shop and Karl’s area is now a coin op laundry.

  • David Sobo

    While my mother shopped at the Kress store I used to stand outside and loved to watch the motorman and conductor change ends. The motorman took care of the fenders and trolley, while the conductor flipped the seats.

  • Bob Davis

    I wonder if any other cities had streetcar line designations that matched the streets. A=Adams-Alsace, H=Heliotrope (for at least a few blocks), P=Pico, U=University, V=Vernon-Vermont, W=Washington. Just recently, San Francisco Muni got into the act with their T=Third St. line, and they’re planning to have an E=Embarcadero line in a year or two (or three–Muni isn’t known for speedy action on transit matters.)

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