1427 Lineup on South La Brea

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Los Angeles Transit Lines (ex-Los Angeles Railway) 5 Line streetcars (led by no. 1427) line up for race track service on Arbor Vitae Street South La Brea in this image dated May 21, 1955.
Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Mike Marincovich

    This street seems way too wide for Arbor Vitae, could this be Prairie Ave??? Let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks

  • Ernest Pippin

    You are correct, it’s La Brea just South of where Market st. merges into it. Arbor Vit. runs East and West and approx. 3 blocks East of this location is Hollywood Park race track. CHEERS!

  • Brian James

    I tend to agree that this is La Brea Ave. LATL streetcars ran on Hawthorne Blvd in the South Bay. Hawthorne Blvd changes its name to La Brea Ave once it crosses Century Blvd northbound.

  • Peter

    It’s South La Brea – just below the old Bob Estes Lincoln Mercury store.

  • Anne La Rose

    Thanks all of you. I knew Arbor Vitae wasn’t right – it has never been that wide.

  • Pacific Electric

    Thanks to everyone who commented – we’ve corrected the content accordingly!

    • Ralph Cantos

      the date of this is May 21,1955. The 5-7-8 and 9 lines wewe all abandoned in favor of buses on May 22,1955. That would make this “THE LAST LINE UP”

  • Gerald Hunter

    Is this the line that went from Hawthorne/Imperial to Colorado St. in Eagle Rock? And it was taken out in favor
    of buses? UNBELIEVABLE! Here’s more irony, the tracks buried in this exact location were just taken out last

  • Bob Davis

    The 5-line was one of the longer streetcar lines in the US. According to my “streets and trips” app, by auto on today’s road system, it’s about 24 miles. As I recall, one crew could make two round trips in a day’s work. Very few passengers (other than railfans) would journey from end to end.

    I read an article about Eagle Rock that mentioned a present-day pub called the 5-line.

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