3048 Waits

David Higgins Photo, David Higgins Collection

David Higgins Photo, David Higgins Collection

Metropolitan Transit Authority (ex-Los Angeles Railway) PCC car no. 3048 rests at a stop light for clearance in this undated image captured looking east on 7th street at San Pedro Street. An MTA bus negotiates a turn in front of 3048 while an unidentified PCC waits on the other side of the intersection.
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David Higgins Photo, David Higgins Collection

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  • duncan still

    This photo was taken looking east on 7th street at San Pedro St. The give aways on the location are the catenary on the trolley on San Pedro St as well as the standard gauge stub visible in the photo. The stub is where the PE turned right from coming south on San Pedro St to west on 7th St. Another give away on the location is the gas tank located at 7th and Alameda St visible in the background.

  • Fred M Pohl

    Its a shame National City Lines Did away with the PCCs in Los Angeles
    Philly Boston San Fran and Kenosha Wisconsin Toronto are still running themhese are identiacl cars I rode when I was a kid in Philly

    • Jim Gannon

      NCL’s LA Transit Lines was gone for five years when the LAMTA pulled the plug on the PCC’s.

  • Mike Marincovich

    This may help with the date, the second car from the right with the big fins is a 1957 DODGE LANCER four door. Every other car is older. The manpower company, building to the right, is still in businessbut not at that location, it is now the Green Apple Market.

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