Buses on Hill Street

Alan Weeks Photo-Collection

Alan Weeks Photo-Collection

A Los Angeles Transit Lines 11 Line bus no. 6914 heads south on Hill Street as it passes a Metropolitan Coach Lines bus on June 10, 1954.

Alan Weeks Photo
Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Mike Marincovich

    In this photo the Title Guarantee Building on the north / west corner of 5th and Hill, can just be seen in the left of the photo, is still there. On the north / east corner is the Pershing Square Building, still there today. The Hotel Clark, far off in the distance, is still in business. Everything on the east side of Hill Street from 5th Street towards the photographer, the Hotel Porthsmouth, the cafeteria and others is gone and is now parking. The area of the Citizens Bank, on the left side of Hill, is also a parking lot. Also notice the custom mercury with the large white walls, drenched headlights, custom car club plate on bumper and twin spot lights.

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