LATL 1160 Hosts 1952 Railfan Excursion

By Steve Crise

The Electric Railway Enthusiasts of Los Angeles put together their first “Special Railfans Limited” excursion that took place on November 9, 1952, and covered most of the remaining lines plus a few bonus stops along the way.

Usually, I just isolate the featured article from a newsletter and only post that edited selection on our site along with a couple of significant historical images from the trip. But I found the rest of the newsletter so fascinating that I decided to make an exception in this case and post the newsletter in its entirety, both pages.

Perhaps the most interesting article outside of the trip report is the editorial on page two commenting on the newly elected President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. A most interesting take on the how the railfans think his presidency will affect the state of electric railways in the USA over the next four years of his freshman term.  – Steve Crise 2023.

Alan Weeks made this shot of 1160 on September 28, 1980 at OERM. She was looking as if she had just emerged from the South Park Shops paint booth.
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  • George Hays

    There was a time – all too brief – when the railfan movement operated simultaneously with the real thing. An extreme example: you could ride a LARY PCC car at Perris or Los Angeles on the same day. You could ride a train at the Perris museum or the Santa Fe ” Ramona by Rail ” train pass the downtown Perris station on it’s way to Hemet. The ERHAofSC meetings were fun when they were at room 220 at the 6th and Main St. ex-PE station when it was still very much a transit hub. There was some spirit of cooperation back then between fans and transit management although if they didn’t always understand each other.

    • Pacific Electric

      Great comment, George – we appreciate your perspective and contribution!

  • Al Donnelly

    I wouldn’t be expecting the re-incarnation later, but if someone was going to prop up my skeleton for a photo op then I could not expect better than being posed next to a rare surviving Espee Atlantic!

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Cover of Interurban Memories LP, 1961A meet at Rialto Junction on June 8, 1940. The car on the right will soon depart for Riverside while the car on the left will continue its journey to San Bernardino.