Last-Day Charter Wide Format

Saturday, April 8, 1961, was the last full day of service on the Long Beach line and the Bay Area Electric Railroad Association charter was positioned in the then-unused Morgan yard in Long Beach and sporting a “Via Oak Knoll” destination sign.
While there,  a professional photographer set up a large wooden camera on a tripod.   Using technology from 50 years prior and before the common use of the wide-angle  lens, he took a photo with a spring powered panoramic camera that slowly rotated and exposed the film over the entire arc of the picture.   The result was a high-quality negative (and similar sized print) approximately 30 inches wide.  The photographer, believed to be a Geo. Mehl of Altadena, then offered prints for sale to those who wished to order them.    I am in the photo (right below the 3rd window from the front)  — if anyone else viewing this picture also was on that trip 58 years ago, then leave a comment!
Geo. Mehl Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection
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