Green 1543 North of Los Cerritos

By Stephen Dudley

In this view from December 1960, Green car 1543 heads a northbound train just past the Los Cerritos stop and is seen entering the approach to the single track bridge over the Los Angeles River.  In the final year, this car seemed to get regular use as it was not only distinct, but had been rehabilitated.  It typically was on the north end of any two-car train.

Stephen Dudley Photo and Collection

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  • Bruce Schroeder

    I love riding on these cars

  • Jim Gannon

    Most Saturdays we would ride Long Beach Motor Bus line 1 to American and catch the “Red Car” to LA, walk to Subway terminal to catch the Hollywood car to LaBrea, get off and walk to Grandma’s house just north of Fountain. . . great memories. .

  • George Hays

    I remember when I first saw the that car and somebody next to me quipped ” You know the Red Cars? Now it’s the Green Cars!”. We were probably returning from the wrestling matches hosted by Hardy Kruskamp at the auditorium in downtown Long Beach. Even at night on Ocean Avenue the car stood out. But to me later seeing the car going down American Ave. in Long Beach I thought it was almost a sacrilege to have them defaced with anything other then red paint. Under different circumstances the whole fleet could have been repainted and thus broke the old mold – like the Long Beach Public Transportation Company that repainted all the buses blue to boldly signify the Long Beach Motor Bus Company and it’s ” fruit salad” paint scheme was no more. Alas even occasionally seeing old ex-PE wood tower cars in ( much faded and shabby ) Tuscan Red only reinforced the notion that it was all fun and nostalgia but decidedly moribund.

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