Green 1543 and 6th and Main

By Stephen Dudley

Green car 1543 awaits a departure from 6th & Main Station in October 1960.

Stephen Dudley Photo and Collection

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  • Al Donnelly

    Now you’ve thrown me…I never realized this was a lone car. I have always remembered it operating, and believe I rode in it, when I was very young. The inside was familiar when I looked in at Travel Town, but thought it was just one of many like it. (And of course, the MTA logo was normal to me as I rode city cars.) Which all means I must have seen orange-winged Red Cars too and fairly regularly. What more can you ask for in a lifetime?!

  • Al Donelly

    Looking at that oogly moogly in the background, I realize the prooer caption here should read “What out!! They’re about to shove a bus up your b***!!!!”

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