April 9, 1961: Morgan Yard

This scene from April 9, 1961 is next to Morgan Yard in Long Beach after the special train from Los Angeles had arrived. This was not only the last passenger train to Long Beach, but the last passenger run on what was once the vast Pacific Electric system.

In a prior post on this PERYHS site, Ralph Cantos noted that he, too, was “on the very last run [and] as we pulled into Long Beach at dawn, the track was lined with red flares in the dawn mist.” This view shows the scene he was describing. Another photographer was taking the same picture and can be seen ahead of the camera.

After the special passed the Watts car house, the remaining tower car pulled onto the line and closely followed it to Long Beach. Its work had come to a close, too, and after its arrival a significant amount of railroad equipment suddenly became obsolete.

After almost 59 years of operation, it is perhaps fitting that Henry Huntington’s first high speed interurban line was also the last to survive.

Stephen Dudley Photo and Collection

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    It was a very sad day in my young life.. I cried like a baby as we pulled into Long Beach in dawns morning mist. Its a night I will never forget.. Ralph Cantos

  • Al Donnelly

    Two question relating to the site format changes…1) Many of the older post photos can still be expanded (click and widen) to examine details, but not the newer posts…Is this just the way it must be or is there a fix? 2) Comments and questions are added to the vast library of old posts regularly but will be missed unless someone searches that specific entry…Is there a way to blanket search for all recently posted comments across the site to keep updated on those additions? Not complaining, just asking. BTW-Are those RR fusees or common road flares and who tossed them? (Just got a primo “SP Co.” marked fusee and dated Sept. 1970…did PE have their name ink stamped on theirs?)

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