April 7, 1961: Los Cerritos

By Stephen Dudley

It’s later afternoon on April 7, 1961, as one of the last Limited trains to Long Beach rolls to a stop at Los Cerritos.   This stop was well-patronized during the morning and evening rush hour as many who lived in the adjacent neighborhood worked in downtown Los Angeles.    The stop not only had a covered shelter by the southbound track, but on the other side were elaborate cement steps leading up to a driveway for cars to access the car stop. Dozens of cars would be there at express train times.   Beyond was a city park.   Until the end, Los Cerritos was always one of the more pleasant stops on the system.
Stephen Dudley Photo and Collection
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  • Yorkman Lowe

    What was the exact location (what intersection or street names)? Does the city park still exist? What’s its name?

    • Stephen Dudley

      The Los Cerritos stop was just south of San Antonio Drive in Long Beach — on what is now Del Mar Avenue. Then, Bixby Road cut through what is now Los Cerritos Park and ended at Del Mar and the station stop. As noted in the posting, there was a driveway loop that allowed autos to drop passengers off right at the top of the broad cement steps going down to the tracks. The park has been expanded considerably in later years and roads closed off. The Blue Line follows the same alignment as the PE, but there are no remains of the stop and the entire area is fenced off from the now busy track. .

      • Stephen Dudley

        If you look carefully at the Los Cerritos Timelapse photo you can see the driveway area, cement railings, and steps going down to the track.


    When the scrappers cut down the overhead wires, many of the 50 year old wood poles fell down on both sides of the right-of-way in this area.

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