Pacific Electric 1057 on the Alhambra – Temple City Line

Pacific Electric 1057 inbound on the Alhambra – Temple City Line near Ascot Speedway, March 29, 1941.

© 1941 by Phillips C. Kauke, Stan Kistler Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    Trying to figure out where this is in relation to present day landmarks. The terrain looks too hilly to be on the actual Alhambra-Temple City line, and I thought the Ascot Speedway was in the Southern District area. The El Sereno area, which is hilly, had the Four Tracks of the North.

    • Pierre

      Hi Bob…based on looking at historic orthoimagery the location is approximately lat/lon -118.195143, 34.070192. It’s just south of where the lines merge into dual tracks. Immediately west of the northern part of Ascot Speedway.

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