PE and LARy Cars Under Flapping Banners

By Ralph Cantos

This wonderful photo shows LARY cars on Broadway at 7th in the glory days of Downtown Los Angeles. Car lines of both systems blanked the City and with it, miles of trolley wire span wires, The span wires beckoning their use for cloth banners of all manor and messages. The Pomona Fair was always sure to use span wires to advertise the grand exposition. In 1932, the coming of the Olympic Games made liberal use of span wires of both systems. In this photo, its difficult to tell what the banners were advertising, but one this is for sure, Broadway and Downtown LA was a festive place thanks to the abundance banners hanging from trolley span wires. When the last of LA’s streetcar system was abandoned in March 1963, the heart and soul of Downtown was ripped away. Downtown LA would never be the same. The beautiful sounds of ringing bells echoing of the tall buildings, and steel wheels hitting the diamond at 7th & Broadway, are now just pleasant distant memories.

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  • Steve Crise

    The 4th photo down showing W 10th Street at Crenshaw Blvd appears to be advertising an opening of a Vons market. There was a Vons market at the southeast corner of Olympic Blvd (W 20th Street) and Crenshaw Blvd. The store would be just out of frame on the left. I’m sure it was not the same building I remember from the 1960’s since I recall that Vons being a very modern store.

  • Charles Brown

    Great photos! Would love to take the trolley out to Wrigley Field and catch the Angels in action. The Tower Theater in the second photo appears to be showing “Having Wonderful Crime” which came out in 1945. The “Tokyo Next” on the war bond banner suggests that the war in Europe is over which would further date this as being around the summer of 1945.

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